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Welcome to Muryokoin Koyasan

Muryokoin is a Shingon Temple in Koyasan. It's history goes back more than 1000 years. The buildings are of course not that old, also the location has changed during this long time of history. The name means immeasurable light and it is dedicated to Amida.

Nowadays Muryokoin is a Shukubo, a temple where people can stay over night and a place of intensive Buddhist Shingon practice as well.

You are invited to browse through these pages to get an impression of our temple. If you like it you may also come to Koyasan and visit us. You can stay overnight here, eat Shojinryori, the typical vegetarian food from Koyasan. You will be invited to experience the morning ceremony, where you can also see a special form of meditation, called Goma. During the day you can explore the World Cultural Heritage Koyasan.
To make a reservation go to the contact page.

In any case, we wish you peace, happiness and immeasurable light.

〒648-0211和歌山県伊都郡高野町高野山611 ・ Tel.: 0736-56-2104, FAX: 0736-56-4555

611 Koyasan ・ Koya-Cho ・ Ito-Gun ・ Wakayama-Ken 648-0211 ・ Japan ・ Tel.: +81-736-56-2104 ・ FAX: +81-736-56-4555

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