About our Guest Rooms

Space for you at Muryōkoin in Kōyasan

Our guest rooms are traditional Japanese tatami rooms. For sleeping they will be prepared for you with futons and fresh sheets.

All of our rooms are equipped with gas stoves during the cold season. There is also a save box in each room.

Bathrooms are shared and there is a nice hot traditional Japanese bath, called Ofuro. Bathroom and Ofuro are sperated for women and men. The Ofuro is open only in the evening from 5pm on. Our rooms are therefore not equipped with private bathrooms

We also provide free WiFi for your smartphone or computer. Please ask at the office for the login data.

We can also provide special facilities for group activities and events. Please ask.

New: Private Shower and Bathroom

Since this year we can offer a limited number of rooms with private shower and bathroom.

Pictures will be published as soon as they are available.