Welcome to Muryōkoin and Shicchiin in Kōyasan

A Shingon Temple and Shukubo in Kōbo Daishi's Paradise

Please note: Our temple is currently open and fully working.

The history of Muryōkoin goes back more than 1000 years. Muryōkoin and Shicchiin were two seperate temples, which were located in different places in Koyasan. They were combined into one temple and moved to this present location during the Meji period after a the big fire in 1888.

Muryōkoin means temple of immeasurable light. It refers to Amida Nyōrai, who is the main deity of our temple. Amida is the Japanese name of Buddha Amitābha. He is the Buddha of infinite light and thus of infinite life. Amitābha is working for the enlightenment of all sentient beings by visualising this world as a paradise. He is located in the Taizo, the Matrix realm Mandala and in the Kongokai, the Diamond realm Mandala in the West.

The name of Shicchiin stands for the temple of Siddhis. Siddhis are called the results of practice in Sanskrit. It's main deity is Aizen-Myō-O, the king of love and passion. He stands for the different practices, which will result in Siddhis.

The Shukubo-system was developed to host pilgrims. Koyasan is an endpoint of several pilgrimages, like the 88-temples Shikoku pilgrimage and the Pilgrim Ways of Kumano. When pilgrims arrived in Koyasan, they needed a place to stay. Our temple is one of these temples, which hosts pilgrims. Today everyone can stay overnight at our Shukubo and you'll be invited to experience the morning ceremony. During our morning ceremony you may listen to a special form of sutra reciting, called Shomyo. We perform Goma, the Shingon fire-meditation every morning. During the day you can explore Koyasan, which is a World Cultural Heritage Site. You may take a walk to the famous Danjo Garan temple complex and to Okonoin cementary. The final point of Okonoin is called Gōbyo, where Kūkai Kōbo Daishi is believed to sit in eternal meditation working for the enlightenment of all sentient beings.

Please browse through the website to get an impression of our temple. We hope you will like it and will come visit us at Mount Koyasan. You'll find on these pages a form to book a stay overnight, eat Shojinryori, the typical vegetarian food from Kōyasan and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere at Muryōkoin and Kōyasan.