About Meals and Price-Options

Meals served at Muryōkoin

What is Shojinryori?

Shojinryori is traditional Japanese vegetarian food served in Buddhist temples in Koyasan for dinner and breakfast. We offer different variations, which differ in amount and price.

Children until the age of 7 can stay free of charge, but you need to bring your own food for them. Children until the age of 12 years pay half the price and will receive children's breakfast and dinner.

Dinner will be served around 6 pm and breakfast at 8 am after the morning ceremony. Please note the variations depicted are just examples. dinner and breakfast will vary everyday, so in case you stay for several days in our temple, you will receive every day different food for dinner.

Checkin is around 3 o'Clock pm, checkout at 10 o'Clock in the morning.

About food allergies

Soy sauce and Miso paste are main condiments for Japanese vegetarian meals and these are made of soy beans and wheat. Nuts, Soba, buckwheat and eggs are sometimes served. If you have food allergies for those ingredients, you are welcome to bring your own food from outside and please take enough caution to what you eat. Due to the limitation of our kitchen capacity, we are very sorry not to be able to accept any special meal requests. We would appreciate your understanding. Thank you.


Variations served:

Dinner always includes Breakfast.

Prices per person and night:

a Price ¥ 10,000


Payment has to be done on checkout.

Please note:

Prices listed are per person per night and include all taxes and fees. Children up to the age of 12 are half price and free up to the age of 7 (you need to provide food for your children yourself). If breakfast and/or dinner is included, Shojinryori is served. Beverages incur an additional charge. Not all services are available at all times. We can also provide special facilities for group activities and offer special prices for groups in addition to lunch.